Parasitic loss on 89 vdp

Can anyone tell me what the expected normal parasitic loss on an 89 vdp is. The battery is new.

I can’t remember the figure but its in the milli amp range have you measured what you have?

John …

Eric “The car guy” gives a good discussion on this (I love his personality)…

One of the common parasitic draws on these cars are the heaters in the door handles that get stuck on.

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I have been having problems and will be getting the multi -meter out tomorrow, I asked the question so that I could start out on the right foot

I have an 89 XJ6 your vanden plas may have a larger alternator. anyways base drain with car sitting OFF nothing on is 36 milliamps

89 XJ6

On my 89 xj 40 on the passenger side floor there is a blue relay which solved my problem, can’t remember what it was for, maybe someone will chime in.

Pop the hood, close all the doors and trunk, disconnect negative battery lead and insert Ampermeter. I can’t remember the number, but note that you’ll have certain, relatively low current, that drops abruptly and significantly after several minutes, as if the computer enters sleep mode.

That’s precisely what happens. The reading needs to be in the low milli amp range