Parking brake adjustment cover

I’m attempting to adjust the parking brake on my XJ. There is a cover that needs to be removed to get at the clevis pin that needs to be removed to make the adjustment. The cover on my car is attached with rivets to the bottom. This seems odd as the cover needs to be removed each time the hand brake cable needs adjusting. Are others riveted on as well or are there screws?


I have rivets (long gone, though) as well. I did successfully adjust it without removing the cover I think, but not in a nice way. It is not a good solution.


Yes, it’s riveted.
You don’t need to remove the clevis pin to adjust though, release the parking brake and the cable will turn as you screw/unscrew it.
IIRC, with the parking brake released you do have access to the pin.

I have accès to the pin the connects the cable to the handbrake but not the pin on the cable that goes to the rear brakes. That is where the adjustment is on mine.

I do see now what you mean about the entire cable (from the brakes to the lever) turning. But one mine, probably age related, is very difficult to turn. Feels like something is hanging up in the cable sheath.

I tried to describe loosening the nut as shown and then turning on the shaft far left. The twist in the cable could loosen at the handbrake itself where the wire ends for a lack of better words. Looks horrendous, doesn’t it?

David, I see now how the adjustment is supposed to work. My issue is my cable is hanging up inside the cable sheath. I have to twist it past 360 to get it to finally turn at the far end. It works but not great. Thanks for the help.

You’re welcome. If the adjustment doesn’t last and a non-functional handbrake is the problem, prepare to drop the IRS and do it properly - I have absolutely no regrets even though it is a bit of a job (there’s worse) and now mine works beautifully.