Parking brake indicator light blinking

One more for anybody. After releasing the emergency brake and revving motor, the warning light blinks intermittently. I have checked that the handle is totally released. Is it a possible microswitch under the handle?
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If you look at the circuit diagram, there are multiple paths to earth for handbrake and brake fluid level warning light. You’ll have to work out which path is providing the earthing connection and act accordingly.

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There are three switches in the handbrake/brake fluid circuit wired in parallel, such that any of them, if closed, will light the handbrake/brake fluid light. Two are on the brake fluid bottle caps and the other is at the rear of the handbrake lever in the center console.
Low brake fluid could cause the light to intermittently flash, as can a loose connection at the brake fluid caps, so check these first (it is the easiest).
To check the handbrake switch involves removing the seats and console. Not particularly fun, but not very hard either. Here it might simply be an adjustment of the switch is required, or there might be some foreign body interfering with the switch.
Or it could be something else entirely…

My light started to flash it was the break fluid sensor I just disconnected both sensors.I and drove a dit and the flashing stopped so I j reconnected one at a time to find the damage sensor but I replaced them both in the end

As mentioned, flickering is most commonly associated with low fluid or failing sensor floats. The handle switch is adjustable if necessary but that requires removing the seats and center console, so check the brake reservoirs first.