Parking brake will not release

Hello Jaglovers, I have a 2007 XK which displayed an alert when I was driving yesterday that there was a parking brake malfunction, and that cruise was not available. The car drove normally, and when I parked at home on a sloping driveway, I set the parking brake as usual. Today when I went to use the car, the parking brake will not release, either by putting transmission int drive, or using the parking brake lever.

Any ideas on how to disengage the brake?



You could try disconecting the battery for 5 minutes, if not you will need someone with a scanner with the capability of reseting the park brake.
However this is only a symptom, the problem will likely be elsewhere. My guess is possibly an abs sensor fault, or even worn rear brakes, the scanner should provide the answer.
Hope that helps

Thanks Dave, disconnecting the battery did not help, and my OBD scanner will not reset. I wonder if putting the parking brake system in service mode would do it. The ABS light is lit.

My car is now off the road for the Winter, so I plugged in the trickle charger. When I went to run the engine three weeks later, just out of curiosity I put it in drive, and the park brake released! Not sure on the age of the battery, but now it’s FULLY charged, the brake problem went away.