Part numbers for window regulators 150?

(peder) #1

Has anyone got the numbers for these (fhc)?

(Morris Barnett) #2

Peder Left hand BD 10092
Right hand BD 10093

(peder) #3

Thank you Morris.
So they are the same as for the 140 then…?
If tou have the catalogue, can you see the 150 roadster numbers, and the 120 fixed head as well please.
Many thanks,

(Morris Barnett) #4

It shows no number for 120, only 140 and 150, but seeing that the doors for the 120 and 140 are the same the regulator probably fits both , the only difference being between the 140 FHC and DHC
FHC left BD 10092 right BD 10093
DHC left BD 8984 right BD 8985
REPAIR KIT for 140 16-2510
All numbers are from XK Unlimited catalogue which is available on line for your car.

(Rob Reilly) #5

Early 120 FHC the regulators were BD6045 & 6046. Late FHC and all DHC they were BD7830 & 7831, the difference being length of the lift arm was shortened.

Early 120 FHC has the handle about 22 inches from the rear edge of the door, where late 120 FHC and DHC has it 16 inches from the rear.

The shorter lift arm made it easier to raise the window.