Parting Out 71 XJ6 (cheap!) - Cincinnati OH

Parting out a 71 XJ6. I bought this car for a suspension donor for a hot rod project. It was best I can tell, an Australian car originally (RHD), with some P&R Williams stickers indicating that AU dealer. Then it ended up in CA, as when I got it the last reg was 1995 in CA. I actually got the car out of an estate sale in MI, I am in northeast Cincinnati suburbs. Prefer in person pickup for sure, but can ship at your cost. I can help to some extent with prep for shipping, we can work it out. I prefer to sell to someone on the forum here, but next step will be all the Facebook marketplace and Craigslist flakes to deal with. Selling parts cheap, need to move the car and parts to get garage space back.

I started with basically complete car, non running. Engine turns over, oil seems good by visual and smell test. Trans fluid also seems OK. Engine is a 4.2 litre that had dual SU carbs. Trans is a BW model 12. Interior of car was wasted, so no good parts there. Body is good rust free with minor surface rust spots, if you need some doors (manual crank windows) or fenders, hood or trunk, etc. Good radiator I think, also all the engine accessories seem OK. Can take additional pictures of anything you might be interested, contact me through email is best. Lots more parts than just those listed below. It was essentially a close to complete car when I started taking it apart. What do you need? Will make package deals for better prices! Some sample pictures, but don’t want to put everything on this post, let’s deal off the board. Yeah I know I am a newbie here, but search my username and you can see I have been around car forums for a long time. Just trying to help members here before going other sales routes. I also don’t want to list every single item with a separate classified ad. Just contact me and let me know what you are needing or interested in. Thanks, Terry

Asking price (if selling): complete Doors $30 each, Hood $40, Trunk $25, one-piece bumpers (chrome needs redone, but not rusty) $50 each
Engine and trans together $150, or $100 each separated. Consider them as cores, no guarantee of condition more than you can see and they do turn over. I did notice blue silicone around both trans and engine oil pan gaskets, so maybe they have had something done in past???
Alternator and bracket $15, P/S pump and bracket $15, York Air compressor and bracket $50
Radiator $25, A/C condenser $20, Metal engine fan and clutch $30
Dual SU carbs, intake, and linkage $200
Exhaust manifolds (no O2 sensors) front and back, with Y-pipe $75
Towing hitch $40
Lots of small parts, brackets, mounts, trim, etc $cheap

Location: Cincinnati OH, northeast suburbs area

Contact information: oldsparts1960 (at)

Cost of shipping (if selling): Depends on part and weight, at your cost

Willing to ship worldwide? Possibly for smaller items

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I’d like to buy the carburetors, intake, etc that you advertise for $200. This is my address:
Ron Smith
9119 Otis Beach St NE
Olympia, WA 98516
I’ll also send to your yahoo address

Sent Ron an email, carbs and intake pending for Ron.

I have some additional pictures to add for various parts and moved the body out of garaage onto my trailer outside, a better pic of the sheetmetal parts. Bumpers not cleaned up any, I am sure they could polish up for a driver quality. Straight and no peeling chrome.

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Just curious, in case you or anyone else on here knows, can the S1 towing hitch be used on a Mark X or an XJ-S without (or with minor) modifications?

I doubt it, at least the one on my car, without some modifications. See this link in XJ forum where it has pictures and description of how it mounts. It sandwiches the trunk floor under the spare tire, and sandwiched between the body and bumper mounting. Pictures in this link where it will make better sense.

I would like the engine mainly for the cylinder head. Shipping probably would cost too much…

Update 9/18/2020 5:00 pm (can’t figure out how to edit the original post):

Engine and trans - SOLD
Carbs and Intake - SOLD
Alternator and bracket - SOLD
Exhaust manifolds - SOLD

Still have all the body parts, no rust solid sheetmetal. Also the radiator, fan shroud, metal fan and fan clutch, nice bumpers, A/C compressor, A/C condenser, tow hitch, ignition switch assy with key, and many other misc parts.

I’m working to get all of the dash gages out, I think they can clean up and be useful. Nothing else in the interior is really good. Maybe the rear seat, which is cream leather; kind of dried out, but can probably be brought back if yours is torn or bad shape this may be a low cost fix. Don’t be afraid to ask about something you might need, it will be cheap if I have it and feel it is good enough condition. Won’t sell you junk, but we can work out detailed pics and info so you know what the part condition is. Thanks for the interest so far!


Thank you Terry. Got the parts. Awesome help :pray:

Hi Terry
any chance you still have the brake booster assembly

Hi Richard, yes still have a booster. The car did not have a master cyl, so my assumption is booster is OK, but I never tested it. Brake pedal does go down and booster seems normal pressure (without the master cyl of course). Send me an email and I can send pics. $15 sound good?
edit: Just removed the booster, and have pics ready

Hi Terry
My mechanic has determined we need a booster from a late SIII or pre 1988 XJS
Thanks for the effort! The price was great!

Parts going even cheaper for last call…Getting close to the day where it is leaving my driveway and on to the scrapyard.
Example: rust free doors $20 each, rust free trunk lid $20. Hood is sold.

Car shell was taken to the scrap yard this morning. I have a few of the small parts and some trim, the radiator and fan shroud. Otherwise no longer available…