Parting out a MK V

I’m debating whether to purchase a MK V for the engine and front grill. I’m wondering if there would be any interest in parts or the rest of the car.

Where would it be located?

It’s currently in NJ but I’d bring it to my house in Amherst MA to remove the engine. The body sheet metal is in really decent shape with no rust and only a couple small dents in the fenders. Floor pans are rusted out.

It’s a saloon.

Lights and Instruments for me.
Also if a later model, the rear brakes and backing plates could be useful.

Take lots of pictures before you take it apart. We’re always interested to see details of an unrestored car. A few years ago I had a question about extraneous holes in my front fenders, which ones to fill in, and pictures of an unrestored car helped answer them.

And a good tip for anybody with old loose parts; don’t leave them as a pile of rusty and icky greasy junk for your children to deal with; they’ll just throw them out. Clean them and put a durable label on them - make, model and name of the part, part number too if you have it handy.

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I hear ya. My central car interest is 1927-1931 Cadillac & LaSalles. I make parts for these cars. I created 116 molds of the old pot metal parts and cast them in bronze. I have taken apart 12 cars that were too far gone to restore. The upstairs of my 28’ x 40’ barn is my parts storage area. I spent one summer cleaning, labeling and organizing them in alphabetical order. My wife once overheard me telling a friend that I labeled each part with year, car, part name and value so in case anything happens to me, she’ll know what these parts are and price. She then told me not to bother….”if anything happens to you, all that crap is going in a dumpster!”
I’ve since given her the name of three people to call and take the best offer for all of it.