Parts availability, Late MK IV transmission

Might there be a source for a 2nd gear and one thrust washer for a weakened single helical Moss box? I’ve tried Cordell Newby, Alan Gibbins and Worcester Classic Spares. No luck so far. Does anyone have an old parts transmission they are willing to rob of a gear and thrust washer or a source of parts? Thanks for the help.

Try the XK120 thrust washers. They are probably available from the usual suppliers


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Assuming it is an SH or JH serial number, Mark V, Mark VII and XK120 also used those same two series and any SH an JH trans would be a straight swap. Mark VII and XK120 also used SL and JL series which are shorter overall length but might use some of the same internal parts.

Hello Peter,

Many thanks for the referral on the thrust washers.


Hello Rob,
Thank you for broadening my search for needed transmission parts. MK IV’s seem to be in short supply.
Also, I came across your lengthy article written decades ago in which you describe your trouble and subsequent solutions with a Moss gearbox stuck in first gear. I learn every time I visit the site. Accordingly, I have donated to the site’s upkeep so all of us Jaguar Lovers can continue to share and learn from one another.
Worcester Classic Spares responded with a referral to Jeff Holman of Holman Engineering in the U.K. I’ll try there next.

Hi Barrie,

I’m sure Jeff Holman would be able to make the thrust washers but SNG Barratt has C.1862 the outer one in stock.

and Norman Motors has the inner one C.1861.