PARTS CAR: 1989 XJS with 5 speed conversion, keisler exhaust and 1 pass cooling

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Description: Selling my triple blue 89 XJS conv as a parts car, it’s too far “gone” for me to put any more money into it so, ideally you already have a nice XJS and you want my upgrades on yours. I added the 5 speed keisler ($5000) and keisler performance exhaust $1200). In addition the cooling system as been upgraded to a one-pass radiator with 2 electric fans, you dont want to know how much the PO had spent on that one :wink:
Those 3 mods were not cheap and will be awesome additions to your own XJS .

The car is driveable and passes Tn emissions. If you live between Nashville and Florida I will consider driving it to you.

Asking price (if selling): $5000

Location: Nashville, TN, USA

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Cost of shipping (if selling):

Willing to ship worldwide? no

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Pictures would be nice…:wink:

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Hi Paul yes indeed pics would be nice but I left them out on purpose because I am not trying to sell a project car but a parts car. The idea is you get what you need out of the car then junk it.

However I know some of you think “well this car might be too far gone for him but i sure can bring it back to what it was” so here it goes:

Top is rotted out and both it and headliner need changed
Power top system developed a leak, motor runs but system’s empty
Both floorboards especially the driver’s are rusted out and by that I mean you’ll see the road under your feet :wink:
Passenger power window motor doesnt work and after over $1000 spent in 3 different motors it s still inoperable. (Yes power is going to it)
Driver’s seat needs new skin.

My show stopper was that The clutch has started to slip which unless i m wrong involves removing the transmission, right? well i dont feel going through that expenses without fixing the rest of the car so my idea was that someone needs to buy this fully functioning car, install the 5 speed in his xjs with a new clutch, swap exhaust to my keisler which makes the car sound wonderful, remove the one pass cooling system with E fans plus all other functionning parts that might be needed later then junk or burn my poor Rusty. Yes that s her name :wink:

I would keep her but moving to Florida and lost the garage space. Sure I could find a way to store it, it’d be a nice retirement project and hobby for me later in life but right now I feel that one of you all should just make their own car better plus stockpile tons of parts they ll need at some point. Heck I would buy a nice xjs and do precisely this myself but I also have a 84 xj6 i love more and want to focus my time, money and future garage space on.

I ll clean the car up and post pics at some point.


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