Well, I guess we should take into consideration the country we are
So far, it goes like this…

brembo rotors from sicp…second set is fine, first set had problems

local source brake pads…2 sets cracked

freodo pads from sicp …work ok,fine quality, dusty.

other pads from sicp…nasty looking crap

top end gasket set from bpnw…great!

billstein shocks from all European…great!

front suspension bushings from sicp…wrong ones, older original
Jaguar type, holding up ok.

ignition wires from sicp…look crappy, don’t seal the plug wells, did
not have warning and clamps

distributor cap from sicp…blue, not black, works ok.

mechanical fan clutch from sicp, aftermarket, total crap,

mechanical fan clutch from Hal Rogers,(I think) newer version of
Jaguar part … very nice.

rebuilt water pump from Terrys,…some play in bearing, but ok.

Crank position sensor…aftermarket from motorcars ltd…fine…

all coolant hoses from sicp…fine so far…

fuel pump…new, from pep boys, wrong electrical terminals, but otherwise
exact same pump, made by bosch…

belts…pep boys…fine

bulbs…pep boys…fine

thermostat…made in England, forget where I got it…fine

rebuilt differential…Hal Rogers…noisy after 10,000 miles?
Tightened pinion nut 10 degrees, totally quiet now.

power steering hose(pump to rack)…sicp…looks like crap, does not
fit as well as original eq. …works ok.

Jerrid(driveshaft coupling)…sicp…same brand as Jaguar OEM.

turn signal cover…dealer…nicer than original!

hub cap…dealer…exact same as old ones.

speakers…various places…better than OEM

transmission center mount parts…sicp…same as Jaguar parts

car mats…motorcars Ltd…nice, right color, different shape than
original mats…too short…

wheel bearings, front and back…napa auto parts…fine…(timken)

Thats about all I can think of off hand…
1990 XJ6

In-Reply-To: 19981026042414.ZSOX20084@localHostDate: Mon, 26 Oct 1998 13:01:05 +0000
From: Steve Firth
Subject: Re: Training

At 11:21 pm -0500 25/10/98, Brett Gazdzinski wrote:

I also generally recommend against non factory parts…what I’ve gotten
has generally been junk.

I would agree with you that caution is needed, but some third party parts
are the same asa the Jaguar originals, others are actually better. Only
experience (often bad experience) can lead you to judging what is right.

FWIW, I bought some JagBits from Halfords in the UK, a large group with a
less than perfect reputation. I was pleased witht he price, but suspicious
of the parts (distributor cap, rotor arm, HT leads) which all came from
Italy. When I got the Daimler and replaced hte distributor cap and rotor
arm, I paid full price at my Jag dealer… and when I opened the box found
the identical parts, in the identical boxes with a small ‘leaper’ sticker
applied and a note saying that these were Jaguar tested and approved parts.

This bit of learning cost me �40, so I would definitely recommend Halfords
as a source of supply for the above.

Steve Firth

At 12:36 pm -0500 26/10/98, Brett Gazdzinski wrote:

Well, I guess we should take into consideration the country we are
So far, it goes like this…

[snip big list]

Eek! I have to defer to what is obviously far broader experience than mine.
On the subject of shocks, I had a set of originals fitted at the last major
overhaul. I now wish that I had gone for Koni or possibly HBE’s re-valved
Bilsteins. The Bilsteins have a reputation for transforming the Jaguar into
a car with handling more like a BMW, Konis are supposed to be taughter than
the originals without losing the supple ride that is the greatest feature
of the marque.

The blue distributor cap that you mention is the one that I bought twice,
once from an independent and once from my Jaguar dealer. It is now the
approved version.–
Steve Firth