Passenger Air Bag Warning

I looked at a 2008 XK convertible yesterday. There was a sign on the door sill warning the passenger “no air bag”. Is this normal on this car? What does it mean? Has the air bag been deactivated for some reason? There are no other warning lights.

That may indicate the car was in a collision and the passenger air bag was never replaced. It is not normal for that car.

Thank you, Grahame. It was a warning to not put babies in car seats in that seat.

I find that explanation rather suspicious. In plain english it would suggest that you could put a baby seat in the seat. I’ve never seen anything like that in any car I’ve looked at. Have you obtained a car history?

I have seen this warning on a number of cars here in the UK. I think that it is because rear facing car seats are often preferred for babies and it is illegal to use a rear facing seat with an active airbag. So, some manufacturers give the option to turn off the passenger airbag which you would do if you are using a rear facing child seat in the front passenger seat.


When I first start my 1997 XK8 there are a series of five beeps five times, then they stop.
I suspect it’s related to the airbags.
Any comments are appreciated.

If you have an airbag fault, this should be detected at system test and the airbag warning light should remain lit.
Do you unlock your car with the key or the remote? If you lock it and unlock it with the key it will bong at you until you start the engine and if you leave it long enough and don’t start the engine the alarm will sound.

Thanks Eric. Like I said it happens when the car is started not unlocked. There is no airbag warning that I can see. So what do you think this series of 5 beeps 5 times means?

Is the car trying to warn me the air bag system is inoperable or what?