Passenger air bag

I am going through the painful process of replacing the evaporator and am at the stage where I remove the fascia. Does anyone know if I have to deactivate the passenger airbag and if so, how?
94XJS V12 Coupew

On the bottom of your steering wheel, there is a trap door that hides the firing pin. You need a “D” shaped tube to turn it. Many people have fashioned their own, or had success using needlenose pliers.

Do a search and you should find several discussions on how to disarm the airbag.

Thands, but I have the wheel removed. I was about the passenger side.

The BREED airbags are mechanical and the there is a lever that should be moved to disable the firing pin.

I have not done this in a few decades but the lever is held by a fastener (loosen a nut?) and then the lever moved to the SAFE position.

The fastener and lever should be on the side of the airbag assy.

I’m sure the procedure is listed in the repair manual but all my paper books are packed away in plastic tubs.


I have no idea how to deactivate an air bag, but after reading your post I felt compelled to mention that inadvertent activation of an air bag at the wrong moment could prove to be fatal.
I am a do it yourself hobbyist who does a lot of work on our four Jaguars. I have removed and replaced engines and transmissions and completely stripped three parts cars. I would not personally work on an air bag system due to the explosives used in their design.
I am sure that others will say it is no problem, but I would not touch them. If faced with having to deactivate one I would hire someone trained to do so that is insured if something goes wrong. This is much like how I hired others to paint my cars, mount tires and remove and replace windshields. These are jobs for which I lack the training and proper tools and feel that they are best performed by others.


Here is the procedure from the manual. Good luck (although, I must add, I am still puzzled by the decision to do a complete tear down when you cannot source a replacement evaporator)

Thanks you. That helps.

What ROM are you using? Mine doesn’t have this.

Could you please sene me 76.46.01?

As far as why, I don’t know if the part is correct or not. I will find out and let everyone know.

I have been doing some research and there are epoxies out there to repair aluminum evaporators. If the part is wrong, I will try one of those.