Passenger airbag

As you know, I have been replacing the evaporator on my 94. It turned from what I thought would be a two case job to a ten case job.

Anyway, I am almost finished (the weather and SWMBO) caused many delays. My problem is if the passenger airbag. It has a mechanical trigger and is spring loaded. I am hesitant to apply a lot of force, so I haven’t been able to completely install it. Has anyone who replaced theirs tell me how much pressure is necessary and safe to use.

My God. Mechanical airbag trigger. That sounds like a British invetion indeed! If you’re talking about black type with three mounting places (one long arm) and yellow label on the back - these are triggered by the inertia force opposite to mounting force (pushing in). So you’re safe. However - thos type does not require pushing in by force - not sure how that works with your example?

For the sake of your hands - detailed photo will be highly appreciated…

Alternatively - just ask any handyman from the advert to stick it in for you…


The trigger is in the projection shown at the top.

Any chance you can add photo of the back as well?
Can’t see the mounting frame but the primer seems to be the same.
Primer works with inertia force - similar to ineria switch.

Not sure what you understand by “a lot of force”? Unless you are 7ft tall, doing warmup with 60lbs dumbbells during your afternoon gym session - you’re perfectly safe. The pressure applied to the cushion means nothing. The firing pin is released with directed inertia force, not with the moderate pressure. Look at the primer’s (trigger) metal casing - is it made from 1.5 mm thick metal profile? How on earth you’re willing to crush it…

Alternatively if you are concerned - try to grab it with botls and wind it back in (or lever the mount holes with a screwdriver to get the right position).

Which area of the dash is creating a fitting problem???

I’d be sorely tempted to pitch that airbag over the hedge.

After working on my hvac box and reinstalling the dashboard I was faced with what to do with the airbag. I’m not really sure what problems you could be having in reinstalling the unit because it pretty much just bolts back in.
Any how, because it is old technology as far as airbags go and potentially dangerous if ejected, like Kirby say’s, I threw it over the hedge (well not literally), but it is sitting in the corner of my garage floor right now. For what it’s worth I pitched the one in the steering wheel as well.

That’s the spirit! I would go even more extreme and installed it back - deployed. Unfortunately I don’t have one, but I’ve managed to compensate such a loss with cable ties instead of my seat belts…

Now seriously, if there is one thing I’m actually missing in my old XJS banger - that would be an airbag. In the car that implodes during the banger races (hence not popular choice for this activity) and has the A-post welded with roof top by spot-welder from Coventry…

Unless your’re really old, critically ill or your face will look better after the crash - I would put it back as it was and made an effort to keep it fuctional.

Just inagine a smile on the face of insurer’s solicitor…

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Point well taken, reinstalled.

Got the airbag in. Turns out I was attempting to put it in at the wrong angle.