Passenger heating system 1950 XK120

Hello to all,
I own a 1950 early OTS.
I noticed it has passenger heating system (see pictures)
Seems to be an aftermarket device.
You can open the flap with a lever under the dashboard
Have you ever seen such part on XK120 ?


Given that the early cars were not fitted with heaters what you have is clearly “after market”! It appears it works on the VW principle of utilizing heat from the exhaust, although bowling along at a good clip in sub-zero weather surely you would get a good amount of cold air going in as well? Does it work?


Thanks Chris
To be honest I have never tried it. I usually don’t drive my car in cold temperature weather … :grinning:

It looks a bit like the cold air intake to the heater on an Austin Healey. On a Healey, there would be an vent pipe about four inches in diameter running forward to collect cold air at the front of the engine compartment, not the rear.

That’s what I think it is: given how hot the foot box can get in a 120, I wonder if that wasn’t someone’s attempt to get some fresh cool air into it.

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Cold air off the exhaust manifolds?

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No… a hose extended forward off the nipple.

It’s a guess. Like all the others offered.


Ok, this is a car without side vents so it could be. Not a lot of room anywhere for a cold air intake except down below the frame.