Passenger side front foot well damp

(Robin O'Connor) #1

1999 XJR just noticed that I have a wet carpet in the passenger side (RHD) I didn’t feel any wetness on the knee roll. Anybody have experience where it might be coming from?

(Roger Coole) #2

I think the drain for your A/C is clogged.


(Robin O'Connor) #3

Thanks Roger, that thought came to me about 4.00am this morning :frowning:

(j limongelli) #4

Or heater core, but it should be the a/c drain, does it smell of antifreeze or clear water?
Good luck

(Robin O'Connor) #5

No smell or colour so picking its the drain thanks

(j limongelli) #6

The A/C drain tubes are right under the dash, also make sure theres no leaves under the bonnet corners where the vents are.