Passenger window

the passanger window went down but will not go up ,I removed the door card to expose the wiring and check for any loose connections etc but my skill ends there when it comes to elec. the window is half up and the down switch works on the drivers door and the passenger door, ie I can move it further down but not up. Any and all suggestions welcome.

Because the widow is moved by the motor it comes down to the switch the contacts can become non conductive, it sounds like you are going to have to remove the door switch and dis-assemble it to clean the relay contacts.
Its a fiddly job but can be done on the kitchen table, the relays are a double contact type where the power goes through one set of contacts before it goes to the opposite relay. There’s probably a better description somewhere but thats the best I can do.
Do NOT be fooled if you Ohm the switch and it looks like they should work, its the amps that need to get to the motor that the dirty contacts will not pass.

Thank you Robin,I have looked at the switch and have removed the door card and connections. Kitchen table comes tomorrow.

H S Law …

I agree with Robin that the problem could certainly be the switch … but …

… since it will only go down (which take very little effort from the motor) and not up (which takes a lot of motor effort) I wouldn’t discount the motor or the window tracks as the problem.

Since you’re in Canada I assume the passenger window is the right window so open that door panel and track down the wires going to the motor. Check for continuity between the yellow/white wire and the black/red wire when you push the “up” position on the window control. If you have continuity the switch is working. That leaves a bad motor or gummed up window tracks.

I know you said you’re not an electrician but you can easily check this with a El Cheapo multimeter and a 10 minute education on U Tube (checking for continuity with a multimeter)

Not a conclusive answer IMHO as I had continuity on my switch but it wouldn’t flow the amps required.


how do you disassemble the push-button panels of the window regulators … maybe I have short circuits there.

Once you have the switch out you need to remove the screws that hold the wires in place then using small screw drivers you can ease the insides out of the body from memory. Its been a long time since I had to do this.

I will sound stupid … but could you explain it step by step? I remove the panel … and? I would not do any damage, the electrician for an appointment is killing me!

Max, its been a long time since I was inside one of the switches, if you can get it out of the door and then take some photos and post up here we can try to walk you through the process.

Thank you all for your replies, it was the switch is sticking internally. Just as I was disconnecting the elec,I gave it a a sharp knock with a tool and tried one more time, it went up. It is now going to stay up, I am the the only one who uses the car.