Passer by looks

I’m amused by the looks I get driving it around. Most older people who remember the XJS, I get smiles. Most younger people, I see the most confused looks on their faces, as they hunt for some kind of emblem they recognize. Priceless.

And the Mercedes, I’m hoping a look of envy :wink:


My wife gets a lot of attention and comments when she drives her Signal Red XJ-S convertible. It happened three nights ago when we pulled into a parking lot to see our home town Independence Day fireworks display. The comment that she enjoys the most is when someone (usually a guy) walks up and asks “Does your Jaguar have a V12?” She has learned to smile and say, “Well of course it does.” as they look at the car. :wink:



Yeah… nice to drive a car which in no way looks like any other on the road. As Greg and Paul both note… older folks (usually men), know what it is. Younger people… not so much. Must admit one of my vain joys is coming out of a store and seeing a couple of people ogling the car.

I think people in their 20’s only know the Leaper logo for Jags too. This one 20-something guy looked so confused, he finally saw the growler on the front hood, but was still confused as to what it was! I was thinking of putting “JAGUAR” on the bottom front air dam, but I like the mystery now :slight_smile:

The old fashioned quad headlights IMO add to the mystery, like the 50’s corvettes.

An every day occurrence for me…but i have a chrome leaper and that really makes them look…btw I installed my leaper with NO modifications to the hood…most people expect to see a leaper…besides it was a dealer option anyway.


I get comments, about the Rover’s quads, as if they are ultra cool keeno neato…!

S’my age showing.