Pastel Blue Touch Up Paint

(Clifford) #1

Have an XK120 with original factory applied Pastel Blue paint. Would like to get a commercially available rattle can to do some touch-up painting of body parts that do not show. Wondered if anyone has had experience picking out a rattle can color that is reasonably close?

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(Rob Reilly) #2

Is it '49-'52 pastel blue metallic or '52-'54 pastel blue non-metallic?
If the earlier, I have had good service from TCP Global.
Go to their auto color library and find your year Jaguar.

If the later, try

(Clifford) #3

Sorry, it is a '53 non metallic DHC. Pinchin-Johnson Synthetic Enamel.

(Daniel Cusick) #4

Or stop by your local automotive paint supplier and have them match and put it in a rattle can for you!

I’ve done that before with my BRG Etype

(Mike Spoelker) #5

(Paul Wigton) #6

I needed a rattle can of touchup for Tweety: it was a PERFECT match.

(Jag-ur) #7

is this what you are looking for ?XK120%20TOUCH%20UP%20PAINT