Patreon member issue

been a patreon for years , now just renewed my pledge but the site has never recognized my contributions, i still get the please support jag lovers when i log in. how do i fix this?

Hi Steven,

Thank you for supporting Jag-lovers!

I just checked, and the system does recognize you as a patron. I think the system only updates once per 24 hours, so perhaps there was a delay.

Can you see a change now?


Problem is solved, found out my Patron account was using my wifes email so it never showed up on my Jag lovers. I changed the payment to my credit card with my e mail and now its working, thank you. Im not so good with PC stuff at age 72…


Steven Phelps

How can I get the Mr. Phelps off of my Jag lover ID??? I would just like to be Steven Phelps. The Mr Phelps was a reference to the old Mission Impossible TV series, I felt my missions were usually impossible. Today none have ever heard of that series!!!

Hi Steven,

  1. Click on your avatar in the top right corner of any page. Should look like an “M” inside of a circle.
  2. Click the “torso” icon on the right.
  3. Click Preferences.
  4. Look for where it says “Username” and click the little pen icon.
  5. Edit your username.
  6. Click the blue “change” button to save your changes.

Hope this helps,

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i cannot click on username. the pen icon is only found next to profile picture

Oh, sorry, looks like perhaps only admins can do that. Would you like me to change your username for you?

To Steven_Phelps, correct?