PCV valve find for a reasonable price

Believing that my pcv valve is faulty, [I have to shake it quite hard to get it to rattle or unseat even after cleaning] a little research confirmed what I have read here about the cost of these things! $80US!!
Dropped by my local AutoValue and they were able to cross reference the AC number to a Standard Motor Porducts unit for about 9$Cdn. The OEM number is D6 AC3848 and the Standard unit is V173 on the box, 2057 on the pcv itself.
It will be a while before it will be tested in the car but I thought I would pass this along in the event someone has had experience with it or is looking for a reasonably priced alternative to the $80 version.
New one rattles quite easily.
Also if anyone has experience with converting to a collection can on the crankcase ventilation system, I am thinking the pcv valve still needs to be in place, correct?

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Tell us if you have to readjust your idle after installation.

Whole lot of other things will have gone on (tested the AAV, etc) but I will surely let you know how it turns out

Yeah, my aftermarket pcv messed up my idle, made it too high, I couldn’t bring it down enough with the idle bolt.

On advice here on the forum, I gave my original one a good clean with brake cleaner and reused. Much better idle now, and barely any oil in b bank air box. (Original was stuck, lot of oil in b bank when I first got car)

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Yeah i got that problem, i’m thinking a collect can , its not bad ,but more annoying !

I had a lot of oil in the b-bank air intake as well.
I did try cleaning my pcv valve but it is still very sticky, might try one more time with brake cleaner instead of solvent.

Yeah, I used brake cleaner, then let it soak in a jar filled with an inch of brake cleaner overnight, and then kept spraying inside and blowing thru it. Amazing how much baked oil crud is in there.

I’m going to clean it once a year now for preventative maintenance.

very late in closing off on this but the brake cleaner appears to have done the job.
its as loose as the new one I bought.
Thanks for the post and the tip Greg

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