Pedal Box parts for Clutch Pedal Needed - where can I find these?

I pulled my SIII pedal box to modify it for a manual transmission - adding the clutch pedal. I have the LHD clutch pedal but nothing else. Has anyone done this before and know all the parts needed and more importantly knows where to get them?

  1. Return Spring (C.8966) - I can find this.
  2. Spring pin - for lack for lack of a better word (J205./8S)
  3. Clutch pedal shaft (C.38171)
  4. Pedal Shaft Retaining Pin (C.20725/17)
  5. Busing for clutch pedal shaft CAC1742

It also looks like - since I do not have a two piece clutch pedal with removable pedal - I will need to cut the opening so I can drop in the clutch pedal attached to the pedal box. Is this what people have done? I hate to cut the opening in the bulkhead.

Thanks -

Parts picture that I have.


as much as I’m aware of you swap the entire pedal box. They are rare, but available, and I wouldn’t go the route to modify a single-pedal auto pedal box to accommodate two pedals.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)


A good two pedal box woulld be a much less complex path.

I do recall others using the one pedal box and making miodifications. Pat lister David Dwomby had a car that was modiied in that manner. The other was much earlier. I forget is name.

You need to change the entire assembly, find a XJ manual pedal box or an XJS and bend the brake and clutch pedal in to a position that is not offset. I’m doing the same… You will also need a manual transmission cover.

click here and see the pedal box and transmission cover. If your car is right hand drive give simply performance a call…

Well there is this

What a price!!! They must be gold plated

Hens teeth bro, hens teeth… I did try to find an aftermarket/racing 2 pedal set up but everyone I spoke too said no… and what about the Transmission cover, expect to pay almost the same for one of these… Also the Getrag boxes are themselves becoming very rare indeed. What in hindsight was supposed to be a cheap project turned out to be something akin to Liberia’s national debt! Not sure how long that hole in the finances will be picked up by 'er indoors…

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The listing has gone down to £400 from £1800!!
I’m sorry to say this is just price gouging nowadays but we have little choice but to bear it

I think 1800 is taking the … I have been told that you can modify the XJS manual pedal box to fit in an XJ but i was told you have to bend either or both the clutch and brake pedal to fit… you may have to ask someone… Simply will be able to advise and supply…

Bending the pedal arms is not a big deal.

I know the XJ pedal box will not fit the XJ-S. Not sure how the other way around would be any better. I think your efforts would be better spent figuring out how to add a clutch pedal to the regular A/T pedal box.

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I have this one, from a parts car.
I thought the pencil lines were someone trying to add a clutch pedal, but I’m not sure. I’ve never seen a real one.
I can’t make out the part # Rob

Take a look at one of the ones that I have laying around

Actually this one if for an XJS but I may have one for the XJ in my storage container

Thank you everyone for all your research and help. I think I will go the route of modifying the Auto box. It is the same box for later manual transmission Jags - Series 2, 3. Just drilled out and machined.

I found a company called Vintage Jags in the USA (Transmission Conversions) that seems to provide converted pedal boxes with core. Or the parts are available to do it yourself. Seems well priced.

I will give them a call today to see


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keep us posted how you get on, good luck mate

Walt, at Vintage Jag Works in Idaho USA, has my pedal box now and is performing the modifications. He does this quite a bit and it takes about 7-10 days. I will post of photo of the finished piece once it arrives.


Get in touch with David Boger at David @ or
He has a lot of used jags in his lot.

Here are the pics of my converted Pedal Box from Vintage Jag Works. Incredible work quality. Girling master cylinder - V12 E-Type style. So you can get parts. Will install a remote reservoir. Three pedals look great. You do need to cut out some metal for the opening.


I’m not sure I’d use a gasket in that application. It’s not likely to be effective, as the sheet metal is not rigid enough to securely compress it under the pedal housing. And it might introduce a bit of flex in pedal operation. I’m pretty sure I’d apply a bead of silicone and bolt the pedal housing in before it dries.

There was a factory gasket beneath the pedal housing that was pretty rough (unusable) - so I made up a new one. I like the silicone bead idea - but maneuvering the housing in here would make a mess of trying to get a good seal. I was thinking maybe something like a rope caulk or butyl tape might work too. But - on the opposite side, in the cabin, there is a metal flange that is offered up that the bolts go through up to the pedal box casting. When tightened - the entire assembly sandwiches the gasket and sheet metal and is extremely rigid - no flex at all.