Pertrol filter assembly location on later xk150 (non S)

(Tadek) #1


Would anyone be able to post the location of the petrol filter assembly on the 2 carb xk150? I know it’s adjacent to the carburetors, but I am not sure where is it exactly.


(Peter Jan Rusch) #2


There is no Petrol filter on both XK150 and XK140.
I Have both, No filter, on my S-type 1967 there is one.

Peter Jan

(Bob K.) #3


Like Peter Jan said, there is no petrol filter assembly on the 140 and 150, (other than the ones in the float chamber lid).
I installed one as it helps especially when your tank might contain some rust etc. See photo’s attached. It’s not difficult to reroute the petrol pipe and make a connection using two flex-pipes. See my notes with a “trial and error” method, may be of some help.
The whole system works fine!


Bob K.

(Tadek) #4

Peter, Bob, Many thanks!..

I am no expert on XK150, but the SPC says otherwise:

I finally today found couple of shots on XKDATA.COM, this one looking best:

I guess this is the original location?


(Terry McGrath) #5

all XK150 S cars I believe had a filter mounted on the aircleaner and as per SPC and pic late twin carb cars had a petrol filter.

(Peter Jan Rusch) #6

My very late Xk150FHC ( only a few numbers from the last ever build ) never had a Fuel filter.
It’s a two carb 3.8, although I installed a inline ( metal housing ) filter just after the Fuel pump.

Peter Jan

(CP120) #7

Hi Tadek:

My 1959 Mk IX (similar era to the XK150) had such a petrol filter in a similar position. Very handy with the glass bowel because when your drains in the filler recesses plug you can see the water! I got stuck one day and, once the reason was spotted, sat at the side of the road switching on and filling the glass bowel numerous times until, finally, I was looking at petrol not water.


(Don Snyder) #8

My “very original” ’59 150 DHC (I can see your eyes rolling) came with the petrol filter in the above pictured location. My ’61 150 FHC came with an original (there’s that word again) filter; but it was located towards the rear of the carbs. After studying lots of pictures on, it appeared that the forward location is correct for the standard 150’s and the rear location would be proper for an “S”. The pictures were convincing enough for me to move the filter to the front since the car is not an “S”.

Related to the topic, I believe that the supply line should be a hard pipe (tubing, no hose) from the pump to the filter inlet. Such a pipe section was purchased from one of the usual suppliers, but it came pre-bent in a configuration that was close, but would never fit the allotted space. By the time it was re-shaped to fit, it kinked, cracked and ended up being useless and unreturnable.

(Britfmdc) #9

I have a late XK150 SE FC. The filter is a brass perforated diaphragm in the head of an alloy and glass sight bowl. pictures can be provided if required. I plan to retro-fit an inline modern filter nearer the tank.

(Terry McGrath) #10

as you note these ones just had the brass gauze in the top and tended to work as a sediment type filter but later on they were available with a proper filter and everyone sells them AC make one just can’t find part number.

(Tadek) #11

Mike, it would be great if we could see some photos of the filter location - many thanks!


(Britfmdc) #12

I will take some photographs when I next work on the car.

(Britfmdc) #13

Not a great photograph but it has the advantage of being taken during the disassembly. If you want something clearer I can do this with the wiring loom in its proper position over the top of the filter head casting. The engine is out and I am working in the engine bay so anything you need in this area just let me know.

(Tadek) #14

Mike, I think it did not attach?


(Britfmdc) #15

How about this.