Phone charge adapter recommended to charge phone in 2001 xj8

On my 01 - XJ8 im having trouble finding a charge adapter for the cigarette lighter for my i phone USB . The couple Ive tried keep poping out while i drive , hit a bump etc.

I had luck years ago with a plastic sleeve insert that had a cutout for the ground/earth blade.

Kept it tight in the socket.

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On each of the X308s I’ve owned, I’ve simply swapped out the lighter sockets for USB sockets. The longest part of that job is getting the centre console out to the do the one by the ashtray but it’s simple enough. Use your tester probe or a wiring diagram to make sure you connect positive to postive and negative to negative.

This one does not pop out and fits flush allowing the ashtray lid to close:

Put on your thinking cap and see if you can remember where you got the sleeve. I like that idea, as I don’t want to remove socket since it most likely results in moving console
Thanks for reply

goodmorning, thankyou for the reply on the adapter. I ordered it and your right it locks in perfectly and has not moved. this has saved me a lot of agravation, because anything i tried keep popping up.
thanks again, mike

:blush: :smiley: Glad to be of help.