Photo Albums on Old Site

(Mike Stone) #1

Anyone else having problems seeing the photos in the albums on the old ( site? I see the thumbnails with descriptions OK but when I select an image, instead of a larger photo I see the description and beneath it a blank page with an icon (image placeholder) in the middle. Tried several tines with 2 different devices (both running Android and Chrome browser) with the same result. What say ye?

(Andrew Waugh) #2


Yes, it is a problem. I noticed it while testing the new photo software. It seems to be random, affecting some albums. It isn’t at your end. Sorry about that.

We’re still working on the new photo album functionality. It’s almost there.

(I’ll move this to #site-feedback)

(WayneC) #3

Any news on the old photo album; I wanted to contribute to the XJS album today but the old forum won’t accept updates and I couldn’t find a similar function on the new site.