Photo of my new French MkV project


Hello, I have just joined the forum and hope to benefit from the experience of all the members. I have just bought a LHD 1950 Mk V for a modest price in France (where I live) and should be taking delivery soon. I believe it is a 2.5, but am not sure. The original engine is missing, but I have been given a 6-cylinder XK engine as fitted to later Jaguars, and have been told it will fit. I will need to find a transmission, but that shouldn’t be too hard. I don’t mind the engine as I am not a purist. I just love the extravagant shape of the car.


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Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but the the XK engine won’t fit into the engine bay of the car without significant, expensive modifications to the engine bay, not least to the bulkhead which will need to be cut away substantially. There was one car made at the factory (which is believed to still exist) and it had to have the significant modifications to accommodate the XK engine. You would be better off finding a MKV engine and gearbox and fit that.

Do you have a photo of the Builder’s Plate - looks like this

It will help to identify your car and see if it is a 2.5L car.




Hello Timothy, thank you very much for your tidings, bad though they may be! In actual fact, I had jumped the gun rather, because I have only paid a deposit on this car so far. This evening, while researching Mk V’s on the internet, I have come across some rather adverse comments about the seller on a French Jaguar enthusiasts’ site. Your comments confirm my growing feeling that the seller has in fact been lying to me. I have some more steps to take yet, but I think I will probably be pulling out of this deal. Better to lose a deposit than to have a lot more nasty surprises in store! It’s a pity- I have bought other cars, sight unseen, from far afield, and have had the good fortune to deal with thoroughly honest enthusiasts so far. Long live the Jag-lovers Forums, and long life and good health to you! Best regards, Squibble.

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That sounds sensible.

You’d be much better off joining the Jaguar Drivers’ Club in France and buying a car from a member, once you ask around.


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On this forum we can certainly answer any question regarding all aspects of the Mark V.

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I believe the factory did modify two cars for experimental purposes. This involved cutting into the bulkhead and also moving the radiator further forward and fitting a longer bonnet. They needed to accommodate an extra 4 inches of engine.

Finding the correct engine would be much easier.



Good idea Tim, thanks for the advice. Squibble

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I agree, pls try to find a pushrod engine, it is a big part if the charm if these old beasts. It is (more or less) the original engine the Jaguar model was introduced with in October 1935. Don’t get me wrong, I love the XK engine too (and have a couple of them) but the pushrod engine is easier to work with and also more exotic nowadays. :slight_smile: