Photos of MKX/420G towbars for the gent from Germany

Some years ago, a German enthusiast PM me to ask for pics, when I mention I had a towbar on my 420G, (but took it off)

So now I have located 2 sets of pics, one from my old 420G towbar, another from a MKX

I will post them up over the next couple of days…sorry about the looong wait !

Pic1 a 420G towbar…I removed it from my car and threw it on the junk pile years ago, as I considered it ugly, banged my knee on it, and no intention to use, as I have other tow vehicles

this underside shot reveals the 4 spots bolts penetrate the boot floor

the towbar is also mounted to a reinforced area behind the bumper mount.
That thick bolt screws in there…I cant tell how thick the metal is

I personally would not be happy towing more than 750kg ( max unbraked single axle load)

It appears these units were professionally fitted by a towbar specialist, so they may be rated more highly, but there is no data plate, as legally required on more modern fitments.

I have seen pics of people towing a vintage caravan with a MKX

The MKX unit is very similar, will publish pics asap