Pic request - XK120 OTS B-Post shut panel detail

(Nick Saltarelli) #1

Requesting a couple of clear pics of the 120 OTS B-post shut panel and how the seals are positioned - like the pics below. In particular some detail of the top part - I’ve filled mine in with lead and it seems to me with the nut behind it’s supposed to be bolted to the cockpit surround.


(Nick Saltarelli) #2

None of the half dozen reference and restoration books I have feature a pic of the area in question but I found the answer paging through interior pics in XKDATA (great resource. Almost time to make another contribution). There are a few pics of the top of the shut panel leaded in smooth like the picture above but these were the exception. There are pics where the seal goes up to the crash roll but the majority look like this with the seal ending below:

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