PICK UP MODULE replacement (where?) SII

Hallo everyone, I finally came again because I have some problems with my Pick up module from the distributor to the coil, I have no spark at all and by testing the wirings it seems that they are frayed and fractured. I am looking for a replacement one but couldn’t find a store ?
Can someone help me with the partnr and shop where to purchase? Your address will be very helpfull in starting my XJ II ,1978 again!!

Dirk Ammersingh

The testing consist of measuring the resistance through the pick-up at the ign amp connector, Dirk - to read between 2,2 to 4,8 Kohms…

While frayed wiring is ‘not good’ - if the measured resistance is within spec; the problem may not be the pick-up…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)