Picked up a dash , what car is it off?

420 ? or something else with 2 fuel tanks ?

420 or Daimler Sovereign. Not S type, that would have had a picnic table underneath.

Based on the positions of the gauges, I’d also say this came from a RHD car. I cannot tell what lies beneath the black vinyl under the strip beneath the strip with the list of switches’ functions. Perhaps that might be the slot from which the center tray would slide out?

If you google 420 dash interior or s-type for comparison and look at the pictures you all are spot on. Probably RHD.

Only the Stype had slide out tables. 420s and Soverigns didn’t. The pading was to match the rest of the dashboard surround.

Thank you , it has the ignition switch , for some reason the nut was undone , then put back on around the back , no ignition key , will order one today , you have to love Jaguar for putting the number of the key on the front FS 948 ,I plan on doing a light restoration on it ,at some point in time :slightly_smiling_face:

I just love e-bay :smile:

Layout looks similar to the Daimler v8 2.5 1962+

More or less the same layout , Gauges and switches , but no Map light , Fuel left and right instead .

No fog light on the light switch, another clue that it’s 420or Soverign.

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Key come today , first class service at a very good price , from my experience I would recommend them , if you live in the UK !20200529_142034

Looks like mine - a 60’s Mk2 dash with no foglight option…

Check the ammeter Ian, does it indicate 30 or 50 at the bottom of the dial,
50 =420 , 30 or no indication S type

100% its not from a MK2 , no numbers on the Ammeter Peter .
Switches may help id it /

S type blah blah blah blah

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2 gas tanks on the switch.


Definitely 420/Daimler Sovereign looking at one right now.

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