Pics of 1995 XJS V12 Coupes in the US for sale

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Do you have a trunk lid spoiler you would sell

The one with no bonnet was the one used for your top speed runs? Is that engine with the velocity stacks not included in this sale?

Everything goes with the car…Thanks any way.

Chadbourn Bolles
803 532 6257 h
803 798 3044 cell

I have a trunk lid spoiler I’d sell

Do you have some photos of it. Where you located.


I’ll try and get a pic or two. Pls provide and email address to send them

Click on the W and in right hand corner is button for sending private message through jag-lovers. Include price to zip code 27028 also please.

Is this the low spoiler like on the xjrs convertibles or the taller ones like is on the
pre-facelift cars.

You could start collecting them. Many sit in garages and back yards and you can get them for a little bit on nothing. Local Facebook Marketplaces will give you all you want to look at. They were made for twenty-some years, and most have low miles.