Picture of original x300 battery

Does anyone have pictures of an original x300 battery (as fitted by the factory)? It would be nice to reproduce the original stickers.

Harry Ive had mine since new, I like your idea but its so buried who can see it?
Let me see if I have something from the archives, all I remember was swapping to interstates back in the day…dont forget your vent tube as well or the car stinks inside.

You are probably right about it being buried. I am currently doing the same for my BMW E30 where it is much more visible in the engine bay…
If I get pictures I’ll give it a try anyway.

Hey its something to do with covid :slight_smile:

This is the label I took off the original battery fitted in my 2004 S type when it packed up if this helps.
Should be similar.

Interesting, so they just stuck a jaguar label on a standard battery! BMW had/has a custom battery design.

Even more interesting, as far as I know the Exide and Varta brands never belonged to the same company. Yet they stuck a Varta sticker on the Exide battery.

The label is from a Varta battery my original, I removed that label and stuck it on the Exide one I replaced it with.
I think the old battery is still lurking in my garage minus that label.

Oh, OK, I misread your post. Thanks for the clarification!

Look what I have found:

It is only a 72Ah battery, but it is an unused dry charged original Jaguar one.

I think I’ll make a couple of those stickers and maybe modify it for larger batteries as well.