Picture of the front and rear of a 1954 xk120 dash

I’m trying to verify my dash instruments and switches are stock. I am particular worried about the switches. They seem to differ from those that are shown in my part book. Its always in the details. Thanks


Hi Bob…post a photo of what you have…Steve

Attached are pictures of the front and rear of my xk120 dash and some assorted switches I have collected.


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Most Lucas switches will have a part number on them. The Spare Parts Catalogue lists what switches were used depending on chassis number. Can you check them in that way?

Here is my FHC dash.

Thanks. Here is the problem, the switch numbers in the parts book don’t match the numbers on the switches in the dash nor do they match any numbers of spare switches I have. I have found switches that function as the switches should function so I guess I’ll just use them.

What parts catalogue are you looking in…the Jaguar original for your model?..the Viart book for my 150 shows Lucas part numbers

Early cars had chrome knobs and later cars had Bakelite knobs, which would have different Lucas part numbers.
Here is from SPC J-8 AL3 amended June '54.
It would help if we knew your chassis number.

Chassis Number is 675990.