Pictures of 77 RW

Does anyone know of non-copywrited pictures of 77 RW? We’d like to use it in publicity for our upcoming show.

I dont think for a local car show, there is any problem…why 77rw?
For the 60th?
If so UNLESS you say THAT CAR will be there you should be fine…
If you were using it for a book or publication thats another story.

I have some photos I took at the Jaguar Heritage Museum you’re welcome to.

These were taken in 2003 when 77RW had recently been restored (2001 I think). The chap sitting down is the owner, Michael Kilgannon.

I have some photos of 9600HP as well if you are interested.

A few examples:


Oh. Close enough to touch it.


Heh, heh. Recently restored and beautiful in all respects but the porcelain on the exhaust is already trashed. But that’s the topic for another thread (or dozen) . . .

I always loved that color interior…
So soft to the eye

In true Jaguar form it did mark it’s territory…

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I wouldn’t have it any other way, unless one were to have a set for show and a set for go.

The Horn push is a repro :flushed:

…as is the dot pattern gauge panel…

I redid my 1967 OTS in BRG/Suede Green in 1986. I didn’t know 77RW was those colors until recently!

Its so rich looking…

The story of 77RW is interesting. Although Michael Kilgannon owned the car the restoration was paid for by Jaguar Heritage, with some ‘help’ from Martin Robey. The deal meant that the car remains on permanent loan to Jaguar Heritage.

Somewhere on the ‘net is video of 77RW being driven at speed in 1961. As I recall it was doing well over 140mph.

The Horn push is a repro :flushed:


Maybe they should replace it with one of the new high $$ ones from Jaguar Heritage? Oh wait- it’s not correct either!!!

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That was the pattern of the dash and center console in Tweety: it was unmolested.

Do you have photos from your car to compare - the differences are pretty subtle? The radio panel looks to be the original pattern, but the gauge panel looks just like the reproduction ones you can buy today. The distinguishing differences are:

Original Reproduction
dot flat topped domed & burnished
background rough/etched smooth
dot line orientation horizontal vertical


Photo of original - note the flat tops of the dots, the etched background, and the orientation of the lines of dots. Now compare with the photo of 77 RW. The original radio panels seem to have the dot lines orientated differently from the gauge panels, so I think the 77 RW radio panel may be original, but close up photos would help.