Pilot bushing for 89 v12

Hi all-
Working on gathering up the remaining parts for my 5 speed conversion.
Can someone recommend a pilot bushing that is close to correct dimensions? I expect I’ll have to machine outer and maybe inner diameters to fit, but it would be good to have one that is close.

(The transmission will be a T5 but I don’t have it yet so I am not sure of input shaft diameter, I suspect they are not all identical…)

I understand the hole in the back of the crank is bigger on TH400 cars, which mine is.
I want the bronze bushing, not a roller, as I have had rollers fail in the past and I think they are a solution looking for a problem :slight_smile:

The bushings aren’t expensive so if I have to buy a couple different sizes that’s fine, ideally I just don’t want wait until I pull the trans to start my search.


Any idea as to the original application of the T5? Get a bushing for that application. At least one dimension should be correct/.


I suspect it will be from a Fox mustang or similar. I need to pull the TH400 and get the bellhousing bolted up so I can confirm input shaft length and shifter locations. I am most concerned about the outer diameter since the book comments that the TH400 torque converter has a large snout that goes in the back of the crank.

Regarding at least one dimension being correct:
If the outer is too big and/or the inner too small, no problem, the lathe will take care of that.
If the outer is too small and/or the inner too big then the bushing won’t work.

Next step, after getting measurements and the outter opening is too large. Visit a bearing and bushing shop.

Or, a machinist to make one. As you have dimensions…

from a You tube video, i recall two input shaft measurement.
Johnathan Winans fitting a pair. One to an older Cadillac flat head V8. And one to an older Buick straight 8!!!

Search You tube. His methods might help.

Carl .