Pinstrips / coachlines - Anyone can post S3 (+/-) 85´s photos please?


I know there is much in the forums about this but I bought the Jag original roll coach line and would need details on the ending parts . The text and the photos in Jagcare III by @Dr_Gregory_Andrachuk is excellent but the Photos do not have enough resolution for the details i need.

I’d be tthankful if someone could send photos on how the 2 lines match in the ends and also what is the distance between the lower line and the body crease in a +/- 85 model.

The gun metal color is the only one available at SNG by the way.

Much appreciated.



From Thorley, Original Restorers Guide.

Hello Rui:

At present I do not have access to the photos that would answer your questions but I will be able to send you some in a couple of weeks (if you can wait that long). Jaguar used several different colours depending on the body colour, gold tones being the most common; depending on the model (XJ6 or Vanden Plas) it can be single or dual tone.
The end bits : the original lines have a separate, somewhat rounded piece for the front and rear fenders. But without these pieces the best (and more attractive) solution is to taper the dual lines to a point.
Photos will explain all of this clearly if you can wait.


Many thanks @OldJagNut Kevin and @Dr_Gregory_Andrachuk Gregory.
Kevin´s photos are very useful, I think I could copy the red model. But to make it sure, I will wait for the kind offer from Gregory. After all I wanted to put the pinstripes back soon after buying the car in 2000, so a few days more to the 22 elapsed years will not make a big difference, will it ? :smile:

Kind regards and thank you both again !



Here are some photos that might be helpful. It should be noted that the coachlines were applied manually at the factory so there are minor variations. The most important issue is that the lines must not extend beyond the indented swage line in the body – in fact they stop shot of the ends of the indentations. The coachlines are placed about ¼ inch above the swage lines. A sure sign of a repaint is lines that extend too far! The photo below shows an original factory application on original paint - never touched after being built:

The photo bellows shows a more elegant fine point application:

And another, untouched, with paint in poor condition, but with the original lines – you can see the placement relative to the indented swage line:

The rounded end pieces are no longer available as far as I am aware. But they always had a slightly clumsy look to them – a far more refined appearance is achieved by bringing the double lines to a fine point. Here are photos from a different car of the same colour (Black Cherry, but with paint in proper condition):

I hope some of this is helpful.

Wow, what a beauty!!

My car is Grosvenor Brown. and, as far as i can tell, the original thermoplastic. Not crack crazed, but shows it’s age. Over all looks good, not great.

It has the god tomne “stripes”. pointed at the ends. A very nice touch.

Circa the late 50’s a friend operated a body shop. a family business handed down byt his dad. His Dad worked at Detroit. hand striping cars. from time to tie he would appear and pull a line. Amazing. Free hand.



Many thanks for the photos, very useful to know also that there was not one single design . I also do.not like the way the ‘clumsy barroque’ ends and prefer a gradual transition to a fine single line.

I will try to do that . I got the original Jag tape RTC2923, dark.silver, the only one I could get , but I think it will go well over a Westminster blue background, it will be discrete .

I will.try to do it over the weekend and update this post with the results.

Thank you again .

Kind regards

Done on one side.

Pretty easy but more difficult to cut the ends for a full professional finishing . Also at some point the narrower strip is glued over the lower one, for the ‘convergence’ finishing

I may have placed the pinstrip a bit low and the gun metal over dark blue is very discrete but I always thought the car was naked without it .

Beautiful car. I wouldn’t worry about the pin stripes not ‘exactly’ matching what came out of the factory. But then none of these cars left the factory with the chrome ‘fender lips’ either. I wouldn’t worry about it, just enjoy the beautiful car.

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Yes, and besides the aesthetics aspect, a perfect rust trap…

Does anyone know if Series 1 cars were accessorised with pin stripes? As soon as I perfectly align my panels and doors I would like to add same. My car is Old English White over red. Paul.

Can’t that be dealt with? Like, perhaps coat that fender edge with bitumen before clipping the chrome lip over it?

I never had any rust problem there .initially I thought that would be a problem . The inox arches have a plastic protection behind , so metal is not rubbing against metal. They are allso not so attached to the bodywork, and water can flow between the bodywork and the inox and does not accumulate there .

I guess the problem shows up when mud gets trapped between the inox and the fender lips . Carefully washing with water spray and allow it to dry, and if the car will not stand outside under the rain it should not be a problem.

It is like that for 20 years now, since I bought it.

The only rust problem the car had was around the rear window , bottom , which the PO took care of when and had a bare metal paint job done .


I don’t recall seeing pinstripes on Series 1, also on the photos I find on the net . The same way I don’t recall seeing series 3 without them, and without them it does not seem right .


Some of the top of the line LWB Series 1’s (like Daimlers) had very nice chrome-plated hard brass trim in the same place as the pinstripes. There were four pieces per side–front wing, front door, rear door, rear wing. I would love to have bought a set (pretty rare now) except it would require some fancy cutting and replating of the rear door pieces to fit SWB.


Thanks for the responses, gents. I expect that you’re right and that there were none. I think it might help to visually break up my long white sides if if fitted them. Paul.

I believe there were no pinstripes until S3, and, as mentioned chrome trims on all the VdP models, all of which were long wheelbase. BTW, that green XJ is a stunner, unbelievable. Is it a VdP, and what is the name of the colour? Standard colour? More pics, please.

Beautiful color indeed !
@Breen60 , it would be nice to use the same color of the interior but it may not work in black maybe you could use the gun metal pinstripe supplied by SNG as an original Jaguar part, code in the box if the roll pictures in this thread (expensive though @around 100 USD). It would fit the metal on the wheels.

Indeed, that’s a good thought. The interior colour is maroon, it just looks black in the photo. Paul.

Then even a red pinstripe would do, or close to the maroon interiors .
Or of course, a chrome trim will you find one