Pipe on fuel tank

Hi friends …anyone know what is this connector for (is to connect a pipe) … but where or what for ???

It’s a vent pipe , needs a plastic or rubber tube on it , and it hangs down , have mine about 2 inches below the tank !
Now you can see why you should never over hill the tank :thinking:

Shouldn’t it hang up? The vent hose should go somewhere higher than the cap. Like up into the fender/wing and out above the tire or someplace like that? It does on all my cars.

I am just saying what the factory did , as I found my pipe when I took the tank off , you can run it where you like !

That is very surprising. Do you get fuel vapor fumes in the trunk/boot?
Maybe you are missing this Extension for Air Vent Pipe?

The tank needs an inlet to let air in as the pump empties the fuel out.
Here it is on XK120, the 1/4" elbow pipe above the main filler pipe in this picture.

Here it is on Mark V, a tube out the side and up and forward, the vent end being higher than the filler cap.

'38 SS with the vent tube end higher than the filler, similar to Mark V.

'74 XJ12 with carbs; the tank vent pipes connect to a carbon canister to capture fumes and they are pulled on into the carbs; there are 3 more pages that get even more complicated with fuel injection.

In the Mk2 I believe the outlet being referred to actually starts at the top of the filler pipe right beneath the gas cap. The tube runs inside the filler pipe and exits/terminates just above the tank as shown in the picture. So both Ian and Rob are correct (i.e. it needs a hose to route to the ground and it does go up to just under the cap).


Thanks Tom, that makes sense now.

with all the information that you have written…I am not so lost…thanks…

-It’s not so confusing if we stay talking about the same car , like most things , there is more ways then one to skin a Jaguar , sorry cat :rofl: