Pitting on cam shaft

Further woes as engine comes to bits - how much pitting on cam shaft ok if at all? It’s unlikely to break and the comment went along the lines of ‘will have plenty of oil supply!’

Next question- the push rods I have have been identified as mkV but the engine still has a decompression plate - after speaking to Michael at Worcester spares, will be taking out and just using single head gasket which in turn will lower the distance to the rockers- make any difference to pushrod length?


Not sure, but if the pitting is not on the cam lobes and not on the bearing surfaces I don’t think. it would matter much.

Regarding the rockers, they have plenty of adjustment available, so unless really too long or too short caused by mismatching lifters and pushrods, I am sure you can easily adjust them to spec (0.012" Inlet and 0.015" Exhaust (cold) IIRC).

The valve clearances need to be adjusted anyways after the first start-up and retightening of the head bolts. Also after the running in, if you are going to use the composite gasket Worcester can supply. (I have one in my #SL2199 engine as well.)