Plastic license plate, help me to find

Hi guys, I was wondering if anybody knows where can I order the plastic license plate to stick on my baby instead of metal ones. I saw it on a car near my house ones. Just don’t want to poke holes in the bumper. :sweat_smile:

Unless issued by a licensing authority, you are stuck with a metal plate (in the USA).

Depends where you live. Location would be a help :slight_smile:

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you want a license plate?
Or a license plate mount?

From how I read into this, he needs a front tag bracket to hold the license plate. If you got a plastic one, then you would have to stick it to the front bumper. Now you would may have to deal with a glue issue down the road. If you have to have a front tag, then go to This bracket mounts to the grill, and is easy to do, and comes off without hurting anything. I had one on my XF, and worked great. I now live in a state that does not require the front tag, so I sold my bracket. Good Luck