Plastic or metal chain tensioners and guides

Thanks for that. Seems odd to talk about the convenience factor of a classic hobby car, but I agree, just makes the car so much easier to live with. You might find the XK grows on you the more you use it, took me a while.

Just got my car back from the shop today, we went a bit further than the timing chain tensioners and guides! Complete service oils and filter etc, new laser iridium plugs, new battery old one failed the load test, complete timing chain, tensioners and guide replacements, new crankshaft seals, new water pump with brass impeller, new drive belt, aluminium thermostat housing and thermostat, new hoses, new Bilstein shocks and all bushings. And everything else that went with it. Cost nearly as much as I paid for the car! Only thing left is a transmission service. Hopefully will last longer than me! Sure runs good now, Cheers Geoff

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Well got my car back eventually, kept getting an engine check light, was a misfire on cylinder 7 at idle, we tried changing the NGK Iridium plugs for Bosch ones as suggested on other threads, tried changing coils all to no avail, checked all fuel injectors, ended up changing the cam timing on the left bank a tad where the problem was (just had a complete timing chain, tensioners and guides replaced), runs smooth as silk now, and no lights. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a code reader for around $100 I don’t need a full blown one.Tried to edit my last post with no results! Thanks Geoff

It was a screw up but it was Jaguar not Ford. Jag engineered this engine and this and Nikasil were the two main problems. Both wounds were self inflicted in Coventry, assisted by various “expert” suppliers (some world-own names) but it’s a Jaguar badge on the car so Jaguar’s engineers are accountable.