Plastic Pipeing in Engine Bay

Our 2016 Jaguar XJL was in for service and my mechanic let me know that after the 2014 year the metal thermostat -top , crossover tube - hose was changed to plastic and they do split at the seams over time , losing coolant . The upgraded plastic part is covered by warranty with an upgraded part and for me to get it changed while the warranty is still current . Which I plan to do . A quick check of the coolant resovoire when cold will show below normal level , if there is a problem . He mentioned after warranty the fix costs around $2500! at the dealers .
Just a heads up for others with the 2015 and up cars .
Kim R .

Hi Kim,
I purchased a 2017 XJ with the 3.0 V6 in Feb of 2018. How do I know if my vehicle has the questionable thermostat crossover tube? It went in for annual service in April 2019 and nothing was said to me about any recalls or problems with the coolant system. I have received no recall notices in the post?
David in Houston, TX

There are no recalls on the crossover pipe. But when they leak at the seams , and my mechanic said they will , your dealer will replace it , if the car still has warranty at no cost to you .
The pipe was previously made of metal up to 2014 , then they switched to plastic .
Keep an eye on your coolant level best bet .
Kim R.