Plastic pipes for electric wires door to body

I have been wondering for some time where to get a suitable replacement for the plastic conduits that protect the door wiring going to the body.

These popped up on Amazon, but they are too short.

Does anyone have a pointer on a more suitable solution?


Cut and splice them together?


I replaced mine with short lengths of polypropylene corrugated split wire loom. I fit rubber grommets to the door and A-pillar. I ty-wrapped the loom to the wires just inside the door. The loom then moved into the A-pillar as the door closed. Has worked perfectly for ~15 years now. I have many wires running, as electric mirrors, VDP puddle lights, and electric locks have been added to the original Series 1 power windows and door speakers. Loom diameter just fits inside the existing holes with grommets fitted–maybe 5/8 or 3/4 inch?


The holes seem to be 3/4.

For my S1, these are rubber, with conical ends (two parts, overlap in the middle). I got my four from my local Jaguar wrecker. In desperation, I expect David at EverydayXJ in the USA would have them for you.