PLEASE HELP! Alternator replacement

Hello guys I am installing a new alternator don’t have a lot of time I need help on this the only alternator has two cable connections and the new on only has one what do I do??

Do I remove the old contact pins and put them on the one with a single ? Or do I just plug one of the cables into the single

Its a common terminal, if the old Alternator had two cables connected then just remove the twin and relocate to the new unit.

Each has one post. remove the duplex connector from the old attach to the new.

As Robin says.


Wait a minute those are identical just swap the connectors to the new one don’t mind the spade on the other terminal of the new one…

And don’t forget to swap the Diode as well.

Do you want me to draw it on for you, or would you like to add any words to that? Quite clear to me I’m not sure what else you want

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Either unscrew the small terminal on the new alternator and use the old wire or use the tab on the new alternator and add a crimp terminal onto the old wire.

The L-shaped tabs and the tab for the sensor wire will transfer easily.

I don’t know if it’s essential but I bought a new capacitor (AC Delco, $10) rather than transfer the old one. Wire was too short so I spliced part of the original so it would have the right connector.

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Looking good :+1:
Replacing the cap was definitely the right move