Please help identify grille

Please help ID this. It looks like it is for a 140, It has the correct number of ribs. Most all of the 140 grilles I have seen online have a tear-drop at the top above the circle part, this does not. Aftermarket? Thanks for any help.

My best guess is that it is an aftermarket/homemade grille.
As you say SEVEN ribs is correct for XK140, with only factory similar grille from an early 2.4 litre (Mark 1) which has eight ribs.

See attached rear view of an original XK140 Grille - note the distinctive factory die-casting, with distinctive hollows in all ribs, and of course the extension above the badge-mounting boss that leads into the central chrome rib down the bonnet.

These reproduction american made XK140 grilles were quite common when we were in the US 1988 to1993 buying cars they were even put into some XK120’s due to lack of good originals.
They were poorly cast and made and were just aluminum not chromed they had no peak at top to match centre bonnet moulding.
You see the odd one for sale onebay

Yes, they were marketed as a replacement for NLA XK120 grilles in the 1960s and '70s by a discount auto parts vendor known as Warshawsky in Chicago, and JC Whitney was their mail order identity.

thanks it would be interesting to get copy of add for one from whitney catalog

You are correct on the chrome. I don’t see any signs of this one ever having a chrome finish.

Thank you for the replies gentleman.

My '120 project came with one as well. Couldn’t even give it away so off to the scrap metal bin at work it went.

I knew that one day, this catalog would be of interest. There are several pages of parts for “imported”



That is neat. Thanks for posting. I used to read those as a kid.

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Wish I had kept a copy of one of Warshawsky’s catalogs from my yoot! I loved reading them.

Warshawsky was on the south side of Chicago in a neighborhood I wouldn’t go after dark, but it was crowded on Saturday mornings. I found my first Jaguar repair manual on their dusty shelves there, Jaguar Cars by CL Vandiest, covered the '46-'61 models. Without that I never would have guessed that the timing mark was on the flywheel.

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fantastic any other jag bits or triumph TR bits listed?

I still have that Vandiest book. Got it from a library sale in Omaha about '69 or '70 I hated how they “wasted” all that space on the push rod engines.

Having a push rod engine, that’s what I needed it for. :smile:

I had this one some time back…since sold it for cheap…

Just a side note. Roy Warshawsky owned J C Whitney. Ironically by day he sold aftermarket parts but by night he was an avid collector of American Classic automobiles with a special fondness for early 1930’s Lincolns.

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