Please help me ID these instrument panels

Hi all,

I picked these up an an auction.

It would help if I knew what they fit please.


Greetings All/Robert Laughton,

I’m leaning towards the early “MKI” Sedan and early XK.

MKVII would have the counter clockwise tach.

I think the MKVII have lower redline too ?

Top one appears to be from a Mk9.
The rev counter red line is correct for that model.
It’s not a Mk8 as it has an electric, ( not mechanical rev counter,), with a clockwise rotating needle.
It’s not from a very early Mk9 either, as these shared the same non mechanical rev counters as the Mk8. I think the change came around May 1959.
The switches will give you some indication of the year as they will be date stamped.
I’m guessing the lower one is XK150, as once again it has the electric rev counter. All previous models, including all mk1s had mechanical driven ones.

Yes, I also believe the upper one is from a Mark 9 (but might be the same as a Mark 8?). Lower one appears to be from an XK150. Google Jaguar Mark 9 dashboard and Jaguar XK150 dashboard for many, many images. Google is your go to source for this type research.

Thank you all for responding.

Good luck with your Jaguars,