Please introduce me the most adequate organisation for this matter


I must send the master cylinder of my Mark V of Jaguar for the rebuilding at a shop in the USA.
But we cannot send anything now as a postal package by air mail to the USA from Japan. So I intend to send it through"Yamato Transport Co., Ltd." in Japan. But It was found that I had to give it the certificate of non-applicability in which the manufackturer (Jaguar company) would certify that the master cylinder would be not applicable to any thing prohibited from being sent out from Japan. Or, it cannot undertake this matter. So I must at first ask the Jaguar company to make for me such a certificate. So, would you please introduce me the most adequate Oraganisation of the Jaguar company?

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This is no more necessary because it was found in the meantime that “Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.” told me that it would not be ablet to send out any used car part. Thank you.

rules can be inscrutable. try using canada as intermediary? courier and just buy and pay required core charges or get advice from rob reily from this list . i believe ther are also some locheed universal universal replacements that work well you must be careful that seals are good for your fluid requirements. and etc. i like austalian repco seals most. just over the water from you and we are less anxious than some. your friend from on poppy hill? john

I would make some enquiries to see if the problem is a rule with Yamato Transport Co or a rule with the Japanese government, and what exactly the rule says - many countries do not want items of historical value exported but this is not what you are wanting to do so the rules may have been misunderstood.

Also, there are many other countries where you can get your master cylinder repaired to a good standard and the rules may not apply to all countries.

Also, although it will be much more expensive, you may be able to buy a fully reconditioned unit and not have to send yours away. I don’t know if this is possible because I don’t know how rare the Mk V master cylinder is but if it is very rare I would be very reluctant to send it to another country anyway in case it gets lost - my son lives in Tokyo and we have stopped sending him & his family birthday & Christmas presents as they often do not arrive.

You dont say whether brake or clutch master, but in either case, it would probably be possible to buy the part outright, as a used item, and have it refurbished in Australia or USA, then sent to you. Re-sleeving them is a very specialist job

Think I have several NOS clutch master cyls somewhere

It’s the brake master, and is unique to the Mark V, not used on any other Jaguar model.

The Mark V does not have a hydraulic clutch.
For shipping it out of Japan, perhaps just calling it a “used auto part” will get it past customs.

Is that brake master the same on R and L hand steering cars, or are there 2 different master clys. for R or L hand drive?


Same Girling cylinder for both sides, but for USA and Canada they had a brake light switch in the end cap operated by liquid pressure, where for all other countries they had a blank end cap and a mechanical pull switch mounted on the support bracket.