Plugged hose just hanging

I found this hanging, plugged as you see it. I repositioned the hose for the photograph. Should it go into the front of the air cleaner?
Thank you

No see piccy!!!

Haha, my bad …

Looks like a vacuum line - but unlike the one on my 69 S2.

That one goes to the brake vacuum reservoir. Looks like you may have a fitting that produces two vacuum lines from the manifold.

You might want to add the year & model of your car to your personal info so it shows up when you post. My memory is just poor enough to forget from one day to the next (I think yours is a 70).

Thanks, Geo.
Might it go to the air filter? The air filter box has no hose connected to the front of it.

(I’ll add the car info as suggested)

If yours is a 70 then someone familiar with that year will have to answer - the 69s had the old style ‘wastepaper basket’ air filter and no such connection.

The hose connects to one ‘arm’ of the thermal sensor on the back of the ‘air filter’ box and the other arm is connected to the ‘vacuum motor’ on the snout of the air filter box.

Regards, Joel.