PM4 9 position wiring connector - can’t find on google

I’m trying to find a PM4 9 position wiring connector. This is for a custom subharness that I want to plug into the original harness. Here is a photo of manual, the plug itself, and a gratuitous photo of PDU diagram.

Post a wanted add in the classifieds

Looking for a supplier of a new one. I’m just not googling it right! It has to have another name, or is buried in some online catalog.

This is very close, but it’s smaller than the 9 position unit I need

this one has 9 pins, but looks slightly different for the pin locations

Do you have a manufacturer’s name for the connectors or the equipment?

That might help.

Possibly AMP, which was bought out by Tyco, renamed TE Connectivity. The series is Lock N Mate

But I gave up. Just bought a generic connector off Amazon and will dike it off. Only 8 of the nine positions were used so this 8 pin should be fine. The important thing to be was for it not to be a pigtail.

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Well thats your concours out the window :rofl:

I’m fairly certain the connector and the pins are no longer available. I ran into the same issue and Paul Kobres responded:

For my car I just used two weather pack connectors (flip flopped so they can only be attached correctly).

For another harness I did something similar but basically a dongle so the recipient could just plug-n-play.

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The TE Connectivity diagram and PNs for the connector are here.

Relevant thread post:

TE I think sold out to Aptive? But at least the data sheet links still seem to work.

~Paul K.

Thank you for this information. I gave up and cut it off. You wouldn’t do that to an XJR-S!