Polyurethane suspension bushes mystery

Hello all,

While restoring the front suspension assembly, I ordered a full set of polyurethane bushes from a leading supplier.

They don’t fit.

The ID of the bushes is 20.42 mm while the OD of the pin shaft is around 20.64 mm ± 0.05 mm.

Has anyone had a similar problem and found a solution?

The supplier says that he has to enquire with the UK HQ… That’s is gonna take for ever, and then what?

May be another source of bushes?


FWIW, https://www.welshent.com/Jaguar-Front-Suspension-Urethane-Kit-P25662.aspx

  • no connection to them other than as a customer.
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It looks like I will put the shaft pins on the lathe and make them thinner by 0.25mm. It is the wrong way to fix this but most practical option at this stage.
Disappointed with British engineering :frowning:

I’m trying to figure out what you are referring to in “Pin Shaft”. However, even after gaining that knowledge I may not have anything useful to offer :slight_smile:


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The big bolt that connects the lower wishbone to the front member.

Polybush sell gazillions so I would blame mixed packaging or mistaken series supply before I would blame the engineering.


I believe you are referring to the fulcrum shaft, which has the same OD in Saloons and XJ as far as I am aware. I fitted split poly bushes in my 420G, as I wanted to firm up the front end.

even though your solution will work, you would want to be sure OD, and length are right,
they are a effort to get at

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I prefer whiteline bushes, there a little softer than Prothane, so the ride on a not so smooth road doesn’t rattle the plastic bits off the dash.

On the White line website, there’s section where you can pick your bushes based on size. In order to get the correct bush. That’s what I did.

I’ve done the bushing game. PM if you want in indepth (My) POV of suspension bushes. I’ve got a thread out there someplace that I did about a year ago (maybe two) that I rattle on about bushes, and my experience is.

In a nutshell
Whiteline is my bush of choice for all suspension bushes that don’t go between the suspension and the subframe. I like to keep those bushes rubber. For the sway bar to subframe mount, I use the OEM bushes and put collars on each side of the rubber mount (around the swaybar) to keep in place and not slide side to side.

That’s what I did.

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Rubber would compress for a tight fit, Eric - are you sure that poly won’t fit as is…??

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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The inside of the polyurethane bushes has a a steel sleeve. The ID of that sleeve is 0.25 mm to small to receive the fulcrum shaft :frowning:

We are talking about the sway bar bushes right? not the control arm wishbone. There shouldn’t be am metal sleeve for the sway bar. The rack, IFS mount to the frame (in front), & control arm (wishbone) bushes DO have steel sleeves. could you post a picture of what bush you’re referring to, please?


polybushes after 2yrs , me not happy, so a better USA made bush ,MOOG old company lot more experiance with bushes of all types!006 005 .008 .
MOOG $15. dollars.

Not to overstate the obvious, yep, those are swaybar endlinks. I have to say I haven’t seen a kit like that until now. it would appear that what you removed isn’t “factory” or what we’re use to be seeing, either. The previous bushes have obviously been over tightened; but the bit that missing is this

Here’s how the car originally came, if you didn’t already know.

Here’s where I got the picture above

Here’s the part on SNGBarratt’s website

Ok, now I’m going to show my American ignorance;, but I have to say, that is interesting packaging. it looks like a tin of savory biscuits. :blush:

Item #2 in this illustration, correct?


If so, I think Jaguar used the same bushing on various models for decades. It should be pretty easy for an aftermarket supplier to get this right…and they probably do, usually

I agree that you may have just received some incorrectly packaged parts.


Errh… folks I am talking about the lower wishbone, nothing to do with the sway bar :slight_smile:

To be sure, here is a photo of the wishbone, fitted with the polyurethane bushes (that are 0.25mm too small ID) and the pin/shaft/fulcrum :slight_smile:

On Saturday I will get the pin/shaft/ fulcrums machined to fit the bushes (I also keep a spare pair of these p/s/f standard size just in case… ).

Mispackaged or poorly built, the result is the same to me :slight_smile:
My money was properly packaged :slight_smile:

Now a new doubt invades me, I seem to remember that positioning the wishbone with new bushes on to the cross member, there was a LOT of longitudinal play as if the bushes were half an inch too short… What nightmare did I get myself into now???

I would be inclined to fit only correct sized bushes into that location, even if it means waiting or buying new ones from an alternative source.

I also smother the long fulcrum bolts with copper anti-sieze

here is the Super Pro bushes…I think they are made in Oz…at any rate I was able to get the entire front end set for less than half the Ebay price by walking into Supercheap Auto

Ok, well that makes sence now; and I feel like an idiot, this is making a bit more sense. I’ve found several “bushing kits” for the XJ’s but I haven’t fund any details as to whether their upper or lower control arm bushings; and I can’t find any specs. But here’s a couple of websites where you can find your bushing by dimension rather than application. I’ve been very successful going this route over application.
Nolathane available at summitracing.com
Prothane - not my favorite
Whiteline - these guys are terrific. I believe their based out of Texas (If I remember correctly) call them, and they will be very helpful
on getting the right bush for the application.

have you considered the OE bushes? I get mine at Rockauto.com Beck/Arnley, Moog,
Uro parts aren’t my favorite, but if there’s nothing else available…

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