Port flow as measured on a flow bench

Has anyone seen any info on actual port flow, as tested, for either the standard head or straight port? I have always noticed a tendency for the outboard cylinders to show a leaner look to the plugs and the center cylinders to look a bit darker. A quick look at any two carb set up makes it easy to see how the center cylinders are favored. I suspect this might be measurable on a flow bench.

This concerns the 12, but there may be some information within the thread itself about the XK.

@angelw may have data.

Thanks. There is a lot of theory to digest and possibly some actual suggestions for slight increases if they can be applied to an XK head. I’m not looking for maximum power at top end but sort of like trying to equal things out like in CCing the combustion chambers.

I would think Bill Terry at TT Race Engines could answer those questions.