Portfolio difference xk convertible

(McGehee Woolf) #1

What features does the Portfolio have compared to the base model of the 2010-2012 xk convertible?

(Kim Rutherford) #2

Things that I know about are , leather headlining in the convertible , luxury interior ,Luxury mats ,20 inch wheels,
These cars are so well equiped in standard form . Standard and extra features on ours is a full 2/1/2 pages long . I keep ours plugged into a built in battery charger when not in use . Battery consumption is high . When leaving the car in your garage , lock the car . Then it powers down in 6 minutes . Otherwise it takes 36 minutes and uses up battery power . And dont leave the smart key within 10 ft of the car when not in use . The smart key will keep looking for the car and use up the battery . My mechanic warned me of this when we bought the car .For more info email me personally .
Kim R.
2012 XK Convertible
2005 XJ8L
1961 Mk 11 3.8